#BeTheDad Movement

In this world of so much chaos and destruction, many people are looking for ways to be a part of the solution, but with so many problems, even finding a cause to devote one’s self to can be overwhelming and diffuse your energy and efforts. So where do we turn?

Our team at Abiding Fathers believes all problems begin in the home, in the character building of each child, in the example of the parents or primary caregivers.

Our focus is fatherhood. We believe that the fathers role in the household and upbringing of his children is key to changing our families, culture, and ultimately changing this world to be the place it was designed to be by our Heavenly Father.

I have a personal belief that the absentee father is the number one problem with life in America.  Not just physically absent, but emotionally and spiritually.

-Bill C. Dotson

Divinely inspired author and founder, Bill C. Dotson is leading men of all ages into a culture of listening, leading, and loving their families through his curriculum, Be The Dad. His team is utilizing Coalition member, Matthew Armstrong of Shape Change, dad of 3 and creative writer and producer, to create engaging videos for the curriculum utilizing storytelling of other fathers and individuals. Abiding Fathers is also teaming up with Coalition member, John Wodka, with the services of WTS Advertising.

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