Shape Change is headed up by Matthew Armstrong, creative activist and independent filmmaker among many other hats. He’s joined by Chelsea Criss as creative assistant and hospitality expert. They don’t just create videos and websites, they provide their clients with a holistic service from script writing to social media campaigns (and everything in between) and know how to create an engaging experience for any audience.

Shape Change is in need of an Intern. The Intern will receive mentorship from Matthew Armstrong in exercising creativity, collaboration, building a small independent business, communication skills, video production (from pre-production through post-production such as script development, cinematography, and video editing), as well as other skills used in day to day operations. The Intern’s greatest interests will influence which skills they have hands on most.Those interested can contact Matthew. 

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#BeTheDad Movement

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In this world of so much chaos and destruction, many people are looking for ways to be a part of the solution, but with so many problems, even finding a cause to devote one’s self to can be overwhelming and diffuse your energy and efforts. So where do we turn? Our team…


Matthew Armstrong
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