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The Human Impact is not a cause. It is not a movement. It is an invitation to realize what is already true of us: Everything we do as human beings has an impact on the world around us. Even the things we leave undone impact our world. Here, we are exploring what we have left undone.  We invite everyone who comes here to think about their human impact. Your life matters. Your choices matter. You are important to your world. Because, if you are human, you impact. In the future, we hope to share your stories of how you are impacting your little piece of the world.

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Street-Side Salon

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One of the ways people described Saturday’s Street-Side Salon was that it was FUN. Now I don’t know about you, but I have rarely thought of volunteering at a non-profit event as fun. Rewarding? Yes. Part of my duty? Definitely. But fun? Not so much. Normally, I would drag myself out of…


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